Poetry by Jeff Green


Winter Dreams

by cricketjeff on December 19, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The streets of my city are pretty and white
A fat shiny Moon adds her silvery light
And stars seem to shiver this cold winter night
As I sit here dreaming of you

A snowman is smiling beside the front wall
He’s smart as a soldier awaiting the call
Or maybe a lover who’s waiting to fall
In love with a lady like you

A fox left his footprints across the fresh snow
And marks where his brush swept the crust to and fro
I bet he was cold it was seven below
And he wasn’t dreaming of you

I’m tucked up and warm with some wine and some tea
And watching old films on a brand new TV
About an old man who’s less lucky than me
He isn’t sat dreaming of you

I’ll just close my eyes and imagine the heat
Of crackling logs and a rug round my feet
And wrapped in my arms, making winter complete
I’ll find I am cuddling you