Poetry by Jeff Green


Three cheers for the selfish

by cricketjeff on December 20, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Three cheers for the selfish, the thoughtless, the fools,
Who blunder through life while ignoring the rules;
They block up the pavements to wait for a bus,
And never get served without making a fuss.
They’ll drop off a friend but not pull to one side,
The rest of the cars are just out for a ride.
“Ten Items or Less” (should be fewer I know)
Applies to the masses but not to them though.
Their children run riot while they stand and chat,
They play ghastly music that’s too loud and flat.
They don’t know “excuse me”, have never said please,
And don’t carry tissues to hold in a sneeze.
The train is too crowded but they’ll never move
By standing their ground they have some things to prove:-
That brains are not needed to live on this Earth
And that nothing at all is the sum of their worth!

Author notes

Dontcher just lurve people?