Poetry by Jeff Green


The Blood Red Moon

by cricketjeff on December 21, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The blood-red Moon this morning hid her face behind the clouds
    I didn’t see her blush and fade away
This frozen winter solstice I was lost in sullen crowds
    Of those who saw no beauty in the day
But though I couldn’t see her I could feel her pure delight
The magic transformation at the ending of the night

From now the days grow longer and we’ll start to think of spring
    And every month the Moon will take her place
She’ll sprinkle shards of silver and the nightingales will sing
    In tribute to her ever smiling face
And every time I see her I shall feel you in my heart
She carries reassurance to all lovers held apart

On some sweet night in summer we will meet beneath her gaze
    And find our hearts first met so long ago
The rain of sacred moonbeams will contribute to the blaze
    That only her disciples ever know
She’ll join us in the garden where our story was conceived
To raise a glass of starlight to a victory achieved

The Moon is best in Autumn over flaming golds and reds
    Anointing all the best and sweetest fruit
And she will see the love songs that were written in our heads
    That time and repetition can’t dilute
The blood-red Moon this morning will still take my love to you
Until she fades forever to a final fond adieu