Poetry by Jeff Green


Nearly Ready

by cricketjeff on December 22, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s very nearly Christmas and I’m almost in the mood
I’ve bought the tree and mistletoe and lots and lots of food
The presents still need wrapping and I haven’t strung the lights
But there’s no need for panicking I think there’s two more nights

The snowman in the garden will look out for Santa’s sleigh
And tell him he should bring me lots of silly games to play
I’m sure this year’s festivities will come up to the mark
And we’ll be full and woozy when the daylight turns to dark

It’s very nearly Christmas and I’ve almost done it all
But there’s a box of rubbish that I must move from the hall
And when I’ve decorated and there’s nothing else to do
I’ll sit down with a glass of wine and wish I was with you