Poetry by Jeff Green


Christmas Dinner

by cricketjeff on December 25, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sausages are ready first
Some home made chippolatas burst
The shorter, fatter, rounder sort
Are English pork well soused in port
There’s venison with French red wine
They’re deeper brown and smell divine
The pigs in blankets came unwrapped
And half the Christmas breadsticks snapped
A dozen tatties crisp and gold
And parsnips far too hot to hold
I’m carving turkey, brown or white?
It’s Christmas please don’t be polite
If you want more just sing out loud
That Norfolk farmer should be proud
We’ve carrots,broccoli, sprouts and peas
Add Yorkshire pud and its a squeeze
To fit the goodies on each plate
And indigestion is our fate!