Poetry by Jeff Green


Second Chance

by cricketjeff on December 30, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He gave her wine and roses and a necklace made of gold,
      He bought her fancy dinners every night.
She bathed in his affection, let him do as he was told
      And gave him tiny moments of delight.
He bought the house she wanted, decorated to her taste
      And offered her an antique diamond ring,
She happily accepted, with a kiss that wasn’t chaste,
      And heard the notes his heart began to sing.
Their life would be perfection, she’d have all that she desired;
She’d be a marble statue to be worshipped and admired.

Some friends had tried to warn him but he didn’t want to see,
      He couldn’t read the lies behind her eyes.
She gave him pretty trinkets and some hints of ecstasy
      But nothing that a true commitment buys.
He worked to give her pleasures and the treasures she would own,
      Those little extras other men would miss,
While she sat tall and handsome, like a princess on her throne
      And granted him a cuddle or a kiss.
But they grew ever rarer, he would work for little pay,
And she grew less attentive to his feelings every day.

In time he saw his error and he told her he would leave,
      She told him that he could not let her down,
Her smile was still her fortune and he wanted to believe,
      But deep inside he knew that he would drown.
She didn’t mean to hurt him but she knew she mattered more,
      He couldn’t take what she would always need.
As long as she was careful he would not fall through the floor,
      To help yourself cannot be classed as greed.
And now she knew she owned him she stopped giving him a life,
She didn’t see a need to pay a price to be a wife.

He kept to all he’d promised and he hoped that she would change,
      But day by day his expectations died.
Nobody plans for failure but it’s easy to arrange,
      A broken dream’s impossible to hide.
His smile was still a light one but his eyes were growing dark,
      Until he met a girl who touched his heart
She offered him her beauty and she gave him back his spark,
      She promised they would never drift apart.
It’s hard to close a chapter but sometimes you have to dance,
Not everyone is offered such a perfect second chance.

Author notes

And before anyone asks it is just a story!

Are the final three rhymes too close?