Poetry by Jeff Green


To All My Friends

by cricketjeff on December 31, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To all my friends a greeting at the end of twenty-ten,
The year has run a twelve-month so it’s time to start again.
From winter’s snows to springtime, when the world was bright and green,
From spring to summer sunshine, when the best of life was seen,
The summer turned to autumn, full of fruit and golden leaves,
When the swallows and house-martens left their homes beneath the eaves,
From autumn back to winter when we saw a lot more snow,
And now it’s after Christmas so the year has got to go.

To all my friends good wishes for the very best New Year,
We’ll start with cakes and biscuits, and some wine to spread good cheer.
Some jokes and funny stories, with our families and friends,
The hopes of new beginnings and remembrance of some ends;
Tomorrow’s still unpainted, still a story never told,
And yesterday’s departed, though some memories are gold.
So cross your arms and grab two hands, one long unbroken line —
When Big Ben sounds it’s final bong we’ll all sing “Auld Lang Syne”.

Author notes

Happy New Year to everyone on allpoetry