Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on January 1, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There were days before I met you
When I didn’t see the sun
Now I know I can’t forget you
Every hour is edged with fun
I had never been a dancer
Now I’ve learned to waltz on air
All my life a second glancer
Now I know that you’ll be there

When we’re wrapped inside each other, making love beneath the stars
We’ll pass Edens and Nirvanas till we’ve found our Shangri-Las
We’ll make gods and angels giggle as we seek out better ways
To turn dark and dismal winters into night-long summer days

I had almost stopped believing
That to live you have to grow
Now I’m finally conceiving
All the dreams I want to know
I’d decided to disown me
But your kisses changed my mind
All the futures that you’ve shown me
Are the scenes I want to find

When you kissed me for the first-time to the singing of the Moon
I dived in to join your clipper as it crossed the clear lagoon
And the leprechauns and pixies gave up playing silly tricks
As they watched us building castles from imaginary bricks

Now it’s time to end the talking
Leaving libraries to say
We must give our time to walking
There’s a life along the way
We’ve a million roads to cover
And there’s love in every mile
Now at last I’ve found a lover
Who makes travelling worthwhile