Poetry by Jeff Green


The Worst Way

by cricketjeff on January 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When apple pie and custard tastes of bile and engine oil,
When sunny skies are raining in your heart,
When innocent expressions find capacity to spoil
The perfect day that you are still to start,
When love becomes a burden and a kiss can’t set you free,
You’ve found the mental illness that we label jealousy.

You started seeing starlight in the twinkle in her eyes,
Then it becomes an eerie greenish glow;
You hear her simple statements as a web of liquid lies
And make up all the pain you cannot know.
When you stop hearing laughter in the music of her voice
You’ve given in to jealousy and lost the power of choice.

“I’m out” becomes admitting to a string of love affairs,
“OK?” is telling you to go away.
Your confidence is marching to the bottom of the stairs
Each fibre of your being starts to fray.
She’s there because she loves you but you’re turning that to hate,
A strategy too stupid for a fool to contemplate.

So when she says she wants you try to think it may be true
And when she whispers love give her a kiss,
It isn’t hard to beat it when you first pick up the clue
That given half a chance there can be bliss.
“I’m torn apart by jealousy” just means you’re torn apart,
You’ll find your only company’s a withered, broken, heart.