Poetry by Jeff Green


My Lakeland Stream

by cricketjeff on January 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The stream unseen between the trees
Falls laughing over polished stones
Untroubled by the mocking breeze
                              Or mobile phones

A mossy bank in dappled shade
Beside the pool beneath the fall
A tiny isle that crowns the glade
                            Where I feel small

No other hikers seem to find
This hidden Eden on a hill
Where I can leave my life behind
                            For all is still

The walk is short to find the tarn
An easy climb to reach the top
And far below a ruined barn
                            But here’s my stop

I love the views, the rocks, the taste
Of England’s purest mountain air
But I can leave them all in haste
                            To claim my lair

I shan’t reveal the way to go
This spot is mine it’s part of me
But there is one I’d love to show

To lie in love beneath the Moon
With her beside that minute beach
Or on some balmy afternoon
                              With wine in reach

It’s been too long since I was there
Perhaps by now it’s just a dream
A Shangri La I’ll never share
                                Beside a stream