Poetry by Jeff Green


The Token

by cricketjeff on January 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A lick of lace so scanty it could still get in the way,
So it’s carefully discarded just before the start of play.
He licks his lips and lingers on the scene that she’s revealed
It’s pretty pink and peachy and now perfectly unpeeled

She stands above her conquest with surrender on her mind
The sweet serene seductress leaving daily cares behind
He lies, a languid loser, on his lithesome lover’s bed
Who knows he’ll be the winner in the games that lie ahead

No witness to their congress but the smiles the two will share
And the scent of spent emotions that’s left hanging on the air
They will walk to work together it will seem that nothing’s changed
But beneath her pin striped armour many things are rearranged

She’s the boss outside the bedroom and she always talks the talk
But when they’re alone together she needs him to walk to walk
As a token of her duty and because he won the chase
She can feel the breezes blowing past a missing lick of lace

Author notes

cricket jeff without the space