Poetry by Jeff Green


An Ordinary Little Man

by cricketjeff on January 17, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He seemed to be an ordinary chap,
Quite unprepared for fate’s unpleasant tricks.
One day adventure landed in his lap
And found he had the strength to take its kicks;
A wizard that he knew called in for tea,
With wand’ring dwarves intent on burglary.

How can you steal a dragon’s stolen hoard,
Yet not get fried and eaten as a snack?
Convince unwilling friends to come on board
And urge each force to join the main attack?
Invisibility’s a useful tool
And cunning whispered words divide and rule.

A troll got turned to stone along the way
And seeds were sown for greater deeds to come;
Another tale put younger folk in play,
A brave new age completes this hobbit’s sum.
Give Bilbo Baggins all the plaudits due —
To one who grabbed his opening on cue.

Author notes

Bilbo Baggins the hero of “The Hobbit” and a key player in “The Lord of the Rings” both by J.R.R. Tolkien.