Poetry by Jeff Green


Civil War

by cricketjeff on January 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Inside us all you find the yang and yin
The good and ill, the happy and the sad
The purest saint, can tumble into sin
And evil men are never wholly bad

We each of us contain the seeds of truth
Competing with the starts of many lies
Beginning when we wear the cares of youth
Our actions choose which shoots will win the prize

On sunny days your best is put on show
When shadows reign the dark inside grows strong
A kindly deed will give your heart a glow
A monster feeds on fruits of doing wrong

These beasts inside are fed by what we do
Which ones will thrive is always up to you

Author notes

The Tale of Two Wolves

A young boy visits his grandfather.

On arrival he joins the old man at the fire-side and immediately notices that his grandfather looks worried. Concerned for his relative, the boy asks him what the matter is – and the old man replies that he is afraid for his life.

The young boy is shocked and asks why – to which his grandfather replies that he has two wolves at war in his stomach.

This scares the youngster and he asks his grandfather about the two wolves…

“One wolf is arrogant, angry, vengeful, sly and full of hate”, replies his grandfather, “the other is kind and generous, thoughtful and compassionate”.

The young boy thinks this through then, very much afraid for his grandfather, he asks him which wolf will win.

The grandfather replies, “whichever one I feed”.