Poetry by Jeff Green


A Fishy Tale

by cricketjeff on January 21, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two flounders were having a chat
And cursing the level of VAT
“It leads to ill-will Bill”
“It’s put up my krill bill,
So now I can’t buy a new hat”

A herring belonged to the shoal
That cuts had condemned to the dole
Although he’d been prudent
His son was a student
His daughter gyrates round a pole

You never should mess with a pike
They’re all utter nutters like Mike
He’s out demonstrating
For more compensating
Of those who won’t “get on their bike”

A terribly timid wee blenny
In love with a red-eye named Jenny
Was spurned for a sturgeon
Who’d trained as a surgeon
And blenny are seven a penny

There once was a smart barracuda
Who slowly grew ruder and ruder
Although sharply dressed
He rarely impressed
Singing songs of his massive intruder

Wild Will was a whale of a whiting
His life could be labelled exciting
He liked to make marks
On the tail-fins of sharks
And sharks are renowned for their biting

A terrible time for the tuna
When Walter went fishing by schooner
He saw each fish fitted
With sweaters he’d knitted
From yarn of the finest vicuna