Poetry by Jeff Green


The Flower Show

by cricketjeff on January 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There’s a stunning Texas rosebud on her way to breaking hearts
As each gentle petal opens and her fragrant future starts
She’s a smile like August sunshine and a laugh that makes you grin
On her marks to hear the starter in a race she’s bound to win

Please don’t rush towards the finish life has never been a sprint
And each one’s a peerless painting not a cheap and cheerful print
If you spend an extra minute to consider where you are
You’ve a better chance of proving you were born to be a star

When a desert rose’s scions blossom into finer blooms
They have scent and stunning colours to transform the blandest rooms
And this rose is no exception she will change the world I know
So Marie, it’s Happy Birthday, you’ve grown into quite a show!