Poetry by Jeff Green


The End of a Friend

by cricketjeff on January 25, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I need a new mixer I can’t make a cake
My Sunbeam is older than I
And after five decades machines start to break
It’s really no reason to cry
But I love my mixer it’s like an old friend
And just like my friends it is too old to mend

Have you seen the prices the shops want to charge
My wallet has started to yell
I just want two beaters, a bowl that’s quite large
Not half a new kitchen as well
I don’t need a mincer, or nuclear power
I just want a thing that can beat in my flour

The Kenwood is gorgeous it’s all made of steel
And weighs something more than a ton
The cheap ones are plastic and hardly appeal
They’d shatter while kneading a bun
So look in your garage, your shed or your drawers
For two Sunbeam bushes, before I steal yours!

Author notes

I have a Sunbeam Mixmaster made in 1956 and the bushes (the graphite blocks that get the power to the spinning parts of the motor) have worn away to nothing, the main bearings rattle and all my beaters have been bent and straightened more than once. It’s time to bite the bullet but if I could find some spare bushes it would do another year or two …