Poetry by Jeff Green


The drink of the gods

by cricketjeff on December 8, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Before I start the day I find
A cup of tea is on my mind
When cereal I come to eat
Another cuppa tastes as sweet
Arrive at work, and make a pot
Start working while the brew is hot
An hour passes, maybe less
What will I have, I think you’ll guess
If you’re smart you’ll have a hunch
I’ll have one more before I lunch
At Andrew’s Cafe the tea they serve
Is given less praise then they deserve
What ever I order I’ll wash it down
With mighty cha so rich and brown
To stretch my legs I’ll walk a while
Then back for a tea to make me smile
Another cup, or two, or three
Before it’s time for home for me
I make a phone call from the train
“The usual” is my refrain
During the evening, again before bed
The thought of tea may enter my head
The first thing I want at the start of each day?
A hot cup of tea is the only true way!

Author notes

And on that subject, the kettle’s on…