Poetry by Jeff Green


A splash of Spice

by cricketjeff on January 28, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Most treats are more rewarding if you add a splash of spice
And given half an inkling you would not need asking twice
An amorous adventure always keeps you on your toes
Life’s so much more exciting if you are the one she chose

A look across the table makes a friend seem so much more
A song starts playing softly so you spin her to the floor
You start so prim and prop’ly then her hands start sliding down
And your fingers say there’s nothing underneath her skimpy gown

You really shouldn’t do it but you haven’t got a choice
You’re driven past endurance by that pesky inner voice
She whispers something sexy which provides you with a clue
The voice you aren’t ignoring is a voice she’s hearing too

And suddenly the dancing is the last thing on your mind
A bedroom with a bed in is the only place to find
Unwrapping Christmas presents isn’t half as fun as this
And soon you have uncovered many spots you want to kiss

The mutual admiration starts a game that lasts all night
But too many extra details would be rather impolite
Reality next morning may recast your point of view
But your friend is now your lover and she knows just what to do!