Poetry by Jeff Green


Events in Egypt

by cricketjeff on January 31, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The reddened Sun rules Egypt’s skies
Above the people’s plaintive cries
To rid themselves of leader’s lies
Mubarack knows his time is near
Yet he won’t walk away he says
But history’s becoming clear
That these will be his final days

The army say they won’t attack
So revolution stays on track
There surely is no turning back
But can democracy be built
On shifting sands in ancient lands
The World will watch this latest tilt
And hope the future understands

Author notes

A saraband is a poem with seven line stanzas (septets) written in iambic tetrameter with a tercet rhymed aaa or axa followed by a quartet rhymed bcbc, bbcc or bccb. I hope this is a saraband