Poetry by Jeff Green


A Foolish Hope

by cricketjeff on January 31, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Yes, love makes fools of everyone she knows,
She shatters dreams and takes the past away;
You build your hopes then passion overflows
And love makes haste to promise not to stay.

Yes, love makes fools of everyone she meets.
Her constant creed is life’s uncertainty;
You’re taken in by freely offered treats
Until you find that you’re no longer free.

Yet love makes life a more rewarding game
Each sudden hurt outmatched by days of bliss,
And though you know the truth of who to blame
All fault’s removed by one unblemished kiss.

Yes love makes fools of everyone alive,
I’ll be a fool as long as I survive.

Author notes

Not sure about the first line of the couplet. I shall think on as I sleep