Poetry by Jeff Green


Meeting an Old Friend

by cricketjeff on February 5, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Outside the bar he met a man
He hadn’t seen for years
They talked about their teacher “Stan”
And drank some tasty beers

Then Peter (that’s the old friend’s name)
Said he was into sports
They talked about last weekend’s game
And started drinking shorts

The finer points of girls they’d known
Diana was divine
They ordered pizza on the phone
And drank a bit of wine

They almost fought about Michelle
A beauty both men “knew”
Who dated both for quite a spell
(Another beer or two)

“I love you Dave” (That’s Peter’s mate)
“I’ll tell you what I think”
“The rest was good b-but you was grate”
“Les ava novva drink”

And Peter belched and Dave guffawed
“Yore gisdusting you nit!”
And Pete drank more while Dave just snored
“I wannnnnna Jinnann it”

“We’ll ought to do tonight, yore really grate yoo-yoo know”
“We’ll do tonniiiiyte agane neggssweek”
“Doz you merember Flo?”
“I kan’t mebemrer owdo speak”
“prehapps is dime tooo go”

“Bufirst an uudder forder  rode”
“No wait hang on …
“Buffirst an udder for der rode”
“For yewbud noffer me”
“I’m stay yin erewen yove ave goed”
“We’re in myouse yew zee!”