Poetry by Jeff Green


Climbing Mountains

by cricketjeff on February 7, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She smiles with the eyes of an angel at play
And laughs like a fresh April breeze;
She whispers my name and I’m floating away
Adrift on the warm summer seas,
Her fingertips trace every line of my soul,
A moment alone and I’m losing control.

We talk about travel, the books she has read,
The state of the world and his wife;
And though I attend to each word that she’s said
I dream of a far sweeter life —
Where she’s in my arms, in my bed every night
And sorrows of parting are far out of sight.

Her lips are like sips of a fine vintage wine,
I’m drunk on the sound of her voice,
We dance through a maze of perplexing design,
Each step is a moment of choice.
She follows my lead, though she’s guiding me too,
Rebuilding together the worlds we once knew.

Tomorrow’s the future, the past wears a veil,
Today may be all there can be.
Our dreams conjure mountains our hearts long to scale,
To views only our eyes will see.
As hand over hand she ascends to the skies
And fathom by fathom I drown in her eyes.