Poetry by Jeff Green


Curing the Itch

by cricketjeff on February 9, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Her kisses weren’t a promise, they were tender, nothing more;
No hidden lies behind her shining eyes.
She offered simple pleasures, an escape both could adore,
Before their lives returned with happy sighs.
Sometimes there’s something missing, there’s an itch you need to scratch;
The angler isn’t hungry he’s just fishing for the catch.

He wanted all she offered without mortgages and strings,
A fair exchange not fights for what is right.
It wasn’t for forever they would see what living brings,
Tomorrow doesn’t matter to tonight.
The itch that needs most scratching is the one that’s out of reach;
No need to swim the channel to go bathing at the beach.

No Romeo and Juliet, they played the ancient game,
Ignoring most conventional restraint.
You don’t need love for passion if you never look for blame,
They each achieved their goals without complaint.
They scratched each others itches, didn’t care what others thought;
The best of competition’s not in warfare but in sport!