Poetry by Jeff Green


Do You Remember?

by cricketjeff on February 9, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

There were buttercups and daisies in the grass,
And butterscotch and toffees for a smile.
We knew those summer days could never pass,
And life could live without us for a while.

Do you remember long ago we kissed and watched the birds?
We chased our dreams, built castles on the sand,
I lay across your lap at night and mumbled foolish words
That we were far too young to understand.
And now I feel you smiling and I try to hold your heart,
My memories and wishes live too many years apart.

You tried to teach me dances you half knew,
I read to you from books of poetry.
A thunderstorm seemed soft as morning dew,
On carefree days when you were next to me.

Do you remember camping trips, and holidays at home
And sharing ice-cream treats, and half-price wine?
You made me have a haircut since I wouldn’t use a comb,
And ate your picnic lunch as well as mine.
Today I’d give you roses when you kissed me at the door,
For memories of kisses and the hope for many more.

When we walked beside the river after dark,
And your hands explored the mysteries of night,
You lost a pair of stockings in the park
And blushed the day your mother saw a bite.

Do you remember yesterday and wish things hadn’t changed,
That innocence could last a hundred years?
I wish I’d known the secret, that our lives aren’t prearranged,
And past regrets can blossom into tears.
Why can’t I rewrite stories, give each tale a happy end?
My memories sustain me, but I’d rather have a friend.