Poetry by Jeff Green


Unspoken words

by cricketjeff on February 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Unspoken words tell all there is to know,
As answers flow to questions never asked.
While years roll by our friendship’s doomed to grow,
A naked love that’s silently unmasked.

We met before we knew the need for speech,
An apple and an orange in a bowl.
Now each has learned, without the need to preach;
Who knew that mates could come to share a soul?

When loves were lost we sighed and shared a beer,
When romance bloomed we smiled and drank champagne;
Two childish heads have never made it clear
That friendships built like ours don’t yield to strain.

You look to me and smile the thought away,
“…”, words we’ll never need to say.

Author notes

You can’t be too rich, too happy or have too good a friend.