Poetry by Jeff Green


Liz and Leo got Busy!

by cricketjeff on February 14, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’ve not seen Liz for quite a while
But she’s dropped in to share a smile
She married Leo and changed her life
She’s a four foot five inch Mum and wife

They started as you knew they would
A pair of twins and both look good
The girl three pounds of skin and bone
The boy was lean but weighed two stone!

Now both are two and looking great
He’s four feet tall with hair like slate
While she’s a doll in looks and size
In sixteen years just watch out guys!

In love of life they’re peas in a pod
Inseparable which isn’t odd
With parents who were built that way
These are two fine kids who love to play

Jill bats her eyes and grandmas melt
But Brian’s smiles are twice as svelte
The twins are here life’s all ahead
The finest pair our race has bred

Author notes

Not my usual style, if I have a usual style, it’s sort of intended to be recited to an upbeat tune, we started with “Liz” and she found “her Leo” now they’ve got a family ready to take on the World!