Poetry by Jeff Green


Transport Policy

by cricketjeff on February 16, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now you needn’t make a fuss dear,
As you’re waiting for the bus dear,
But you ought to know you’ve missed a train of six;
And the final empty five
Seemed quite delighted to arrive
In ample time to leave you standing in a fix.

When the weather’s warm and sunny
And you want to walk, it’s funny
But the buses run quite regularly on time.
In the rain they’re only seen
Heading back to where you’ve been,
While a passing lorry splashes you with grime.

When you’re late the bus was early
So you face the hurly burly
Of a walk against the crushing human tide.
If you’re early they’ll be waiting,
It’s as though each bus is stating,
The conditions when he’ll take you for a ride.

You should not be celebrating
If you find there’s one there waiting
It’s a sign of dreadful traffic up ahead,
You’ll be sitting going nowhere
Wishing you could change and go where
Wiser workers thought it best to walk instead.

Bet you’ve heard those politicians
Who cast off all inhibitions
When they praise our public transport out of reach,
But you know you’ll never meet one,
Sitting by you on the seat, one
Day when they are acting as they preach.

Still although the bus is awful
I’ll reserve a richer jaw full
For their rival people movers, known as trains
Who, with no cars to obstruct them
No inspectors to subduct them
Can disappear and nobody explains!

Author notes

I’m sure no commuter will need a further explanation.