Poetry by Jeff Green


Ringing the Changes

by cricketjeff on February 17, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She told him that she loved him and she’d be his perfect wife
If he went out to win the daily race
She’d be at home to back him on the best days of his life
A well bred smile forever on her face
And all she ever wanted was the Moon and half the stars
The Sun all day, the milky way at night
The world’s most famous rock gods playing love songs on guitars
A life of relaxation and delight
He thought she’d make him happy they would share romantic times
How could he know the future was a field of unmown crimes?

In whirlwind days of dating she enraptured all his friends
And smiled her way inside his parent’s hearts
He wasn’t tall and handsome but a million makes amends
And so she learnt the oldest of the arts
And all she ever wanted was to see Montego Bay
Aboard a yacht where she would be the queen
With cold champagne and lobster to distract her days away
A life forever easy and serene
He thought she’d make him happy, fill his days and nights with dreams
He never guessed a future of frustrated silent screams

Their wedding was expensive but a girl deserves the best
A coach and six, with flunkeys wearing silk
Her dress would mark a princess as more regal than the rest
It’s by Lacroix or someone of his ilk
And all she ever wanted was to win her childish game
Be better than her schoolmates on their scale
To own a string of horses and to wear a famous name
A life where she was never seen to fail
He thought she really loved him as he loved her in his turn
He’d have their years of marriage to reflect on life and learn

In time he saw the tarnish on her artificial face
The hollow words she offered as they passed
The looks of blank indifference that should put him in his place
She’d won her man and thought it had to last
And all he’d ever wanted was a happy loving home
With children and some pets to keep him sane
Instead he found a statue who believed he’d never roam
And maybe he would buckle from the strain
She thought he didn’t matter that she got to make the rules
She didn’t know that sometimes simple truths are seen by fools

He met another lady who was plainer by a mile
Who made him tea and listened when he spoke
She didn’t ask for money just to see him wear a smile
And only laughed when she could see the joke
She didn’t dream of castles but of standing holding hands
Of seeing stars not locking them away
And he began to question, see what Cupid understands
That life is not rehearsing for a play
His ex got half his money and she kept her hollow life
And he got all he’d dreamed of and at last he had a wife

Author notes

Mills and Boon anyone?