Poetry by Jeff Green


I Know You’re There

by cricketjeff on February 21, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

We may not meet for several days or weeks,
I do not need to call to know you care.
No awkwardness if neither of us speaks,
But you and I have lives we’ll always share.

It takes a while for paths to coincide,
But now you are another side of me.
Forget the days when you and I collide
Without you there’s no equanimity.

I’ve seen your best, and held you at your worst,
You’ve propped me up when life was falling down.
Then when we’ve seen the blackest clouds dispersed
You’ve held a brush to help me paint the town.

When life’s a peach or smashed to smithereens,
I know you’re there — and that’s what friendship means.