Poetry by Jeff Green


Life Goes On

by cricketjeff on February 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When tragedy attacks you and you know that all is lost
There’s nothing that can tell you that the prize is worth the cost
But though you know it’s over that tomorrow’s hope has gone
The Moon and stars keep shining, life goes on.

She’s left you for another and you cannot see the point
The path you’d thought to follow’s overgrown and out of joint
You feel less fine and noble than the saddest dying swan
But birds still sing their chorus, life goes on.

You hear the strains of music that she used to hum along
But the rhythm’s out of kilter and the harmony is wrong
There’s shadows in your daydreams where the summer sun once shone
But cornflowers wave at poppies, life goes on.

Some day you’ll feel a tickle as the melancholy breaks
A smile may find your mojo as the man you once were wakes
She’ll never be forgotten but you’ve reached a rapprochement
It’s time to find new answers, life goes on.

Author notes

Robert Frost (as was reported in the message of the day on AP a few days ago) once said something like “I can tell you all I have learnt about life in three words, it goes on.”