Poetry by Jeff Green


A Day Off?

by cricketjeff on February 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A day off from work, but I’m working,
Outside spring is trying to start;
It seems that some problems were lurking,
The systems have fallen apart.
Tomorrow It’s bound to start raining
And that’s why I’m busy complaining!

I’m drinking some tea but I’m puzzled,
I can’t see the problem we face;
But while the next potful gets guzzled
The answers will fall into place.
Tomorrow they’ll leave me alone
(Because I shall turn off my phone!)

I think that it’s now started running
But won’t know for hours at least —
The gremlin is viciously cunning,
You never quite better the beast.
But now I must pause in my toiling —
The kettle has just started boiling …