Poetry by Jeff Green


Too Many Memories

by cricketjeff on February 27, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A digital camera’s fantastic,
Recording each day as it goes,
But soon you must do something drastic
To cope as your gallery grows.
There’s nothing to stop you from snapping
As weather and neighbours go wild,
Or saving the thrill of unwrapping
The toys that you give to each child.
The last thing you think of is space
When witnessing Auntie’s disgrace.

By now all your flash-cards are bulging,
You’ve pictures that no-one can see,
Unless they are keen on indulging
In buying a top-notch PC.
You swallow your pride and get busy
Excising the unfocussed mass
And giggle as Grandad gets dizzy
While chasing a runaway ass.
There’s still far too many to print
And now you’ve developed a squint!

Deletion is boring and painful;
Still, what can you do but delay?
Your conscious is looking disdainful
But still you head off for some play —
A ticket to go for a track-day,
More pictures to add to the pile,
But that is a job for a slack day,
Or when you are needing a smile.
Who cares if they’ll always stay hid,
You’ve photos to prove what you did!