Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on February 27, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now who in the World would eat walnuts
If walnuts weren’t crunchily sweet
I wish I could always eat walnuts
But walnuts are only a treat

I know a young girl who likes oysters
For dinner and breakfast and tea
But I’m not a big fan of oysters
An oyster does nothing for me

I should like a big bowl of walnuts
A walnut’s my only desire
So if you’ve a treeful of walnuts
You’ll soon set my taste buds on fire

A friend of mine tangles with toffee
And I like a toffee it’s true
But she never offers me toffee
That’s not with a walnut or two

Yes I like a bag of wild walnuts
That I’ve picked when out for a walk
If you know a good place for walnuts
Then give me a call and we’ll talk

My sister would slay you for ice-cream
She’ll waffle a pint at a time
But I need a nuttier ice-cream
Before I can say it’s sublime

I’m off now I think I smell walnuts
And walnuts will brighten my day
I can’t sit around without walnuts
It’s walnuts for me all the way!

Author notes

I do quite like walnuts, but not all the time! This is just a silly song