Poetry by Jeff Green


In Praise of Gaddafi the Great Leader

by cricketjeff on February 28, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Libya the leader is a man beyond compare
Admired and loved across his happy nation
The populous are wealthy and are free-er than the air
Gaddafi needs our praise and admiration

No demonstrators ever feel the need to raise a voice
And none are ever shot out in the street
Each citizen acclaims him through a free and open choice
He has no foes to torture and defeat

No Libyan will ever face imported foreign troops
And none are killed by missiles from above
Since no-one ever thinks of joining non-existent groups
That think of him with less than perfect love

The cities at the Eastern edge are peaceful and controlled
His fiat runs throughout the joyous land
If there were any victims they would all feel well consoled
They didn’t die at any foreign hand

So raise your heart in chorus for Gaddafi the supreme
A leader who is far above all others
Please shut your eyes and stuff your ears then you won’t hear a scream
When mercenaries start shooting at their “brothers”

Author notes

Colonel Gaddaffi gave an interview to the BBC and ABC explaining that there were no demonstrations, all his people loved him. (He also said the demonstrators were on drugs supplied by Al Qaeda, but as there aren’t any that doesn’t really matter ) Also that his troops have never fired on his on people, etc. etc. etc. …