Poetry by Jeff Green


The return of the duck

by cricketjeff on December 8, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The duck who used to come to my door
For cake and bread and so much more
Has started demanding so many new things
To feather his nest and pamper his wings
He won’t sleep on leaves or grasses or sticks
A small canvas hammock he asked me to fix!
He doesn’t like rain so he asked for a roof
Made from finest materials, quite weather proof
A night light to read by, a colour TV
And all of these things will be paid for by me
Books from the library, newspapers too
When a duck gets demanding, well what can you do?
The children all love him, he’s famous for miles
Anybody who knows him, just sees him and smiles
They all love my duck and they’re glad he’s around
And they’re all of them glad that it’s not them he found!

Author notes

The duck at the door was the subject of a previous poem of mine, he is quite a character!