Poetry by Jeff Green


Other Days

by cricketjeff on March 3, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’d thought that the winter was easin’
From inside the World appeared pleasin’
And not like a fridge with a breeze in
I’m waiting for much warmer days

It ought to be Spring but it’s freezin’
The sprinkles of crocus are teasin’
It seems the last season’s reprisin’
An unfriendly aura that stays

All round there is coughin’ and sneezin’
An elderly woman is wheezin’
She gets out her bag with the keys in
And dreams of a hearth with a blaze

Meteorologists get their degrees in
And build up their weird expertise in
The way that the weather is squeezin’
The climate they aim to appraise

I’m sittin’ at home letting teas in
While dreaming of places that she’s in
And warm Summer breezes are seizin’
The best and the brightest of days

Author notes

Just playing with words really, and it is bloody cold today!