Poetry by Jeff Green


Random Words at 2:04

by cricketjeff on March 3, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s two-O-four
You’re on the floor
Surprised you made it through the door
You came home smashed
And simply crashed
So now you’ve woken up abashed
Your addled head
Should be in bed
Or you will wish to wake up dead
A rapid wash
More like a splosh
Then out again as though by kosh
Tomorrow’s pain
Will fill your brain
With promises of “ne’er again”
But you’re not fooled
You’ll still be ruled
By nights of getting nicely fuelled
It’s who you are
The party star
The wine and cocktail commissar
It’s clear you’re mad
A likely lad
You’ll have to change when you’re a Dad!

Author notes

I woke up (having fallen asleep on my chair) and the clock said 2:0, but I hadn’t been drinking or even out on the town, just played with the words.