Poetry by Jeff Green


Bloody Cars!

by cricketjeff on March 6, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

My car has a plipper to open the doors
And round at the back there’s a boot to hold stores
A fusebox that bristles with fuses that blow
And pictures that mean things that I do not know

I filled up the boot (that’s the trunk for you Yanks)
And set off to earn my friend’s well deserved thanks
But while I was driving I heard a strange noise
And when I stopped driving I’d lost all my toys

You see there’s a fuse for the plipper clicked locks
And when it has blown then you’re in for some shocks
The back door won’t open and all that’s inside
Is doomed to stay stuck when you finish the ride

So off to the parts shop to purchase a fuse
Assuming they had one the right size to use
But new ones kept blowing, seems something’s gone wrong
I had to think fast (after writing this song)

I took down the seats to extract all my tools
An action that’s awkward and breaks all the rules
I finished the job then I got a flat tyre
I don’t like these days when the gremlins conspire

I’ve grumbled and patched things and got home tonight
But I’m quite distressed my car isn’t all right
I thought I’d a bargain, that may still be true
But till things get fixed I must travel by shoe!

Author notes


And today’s poem is true, damn it!