Poetry by Jeff Green


Do Something Funny for Money (Red Nose Day 2011)

by cricketjeff on March 9, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s time to go crazy for comic relief,
Some schemes to raise money will beggar belief —
From wearing wallpaper, or dying your head,
To going to Brighton while staying in bed.

It’s time for our laughter to lighten the load
Of children who’re begging for scraps by the road.
Eat beans with a skewer or paint your nose blue
Or suck on fruit pastilles, but swear not to chew.

It’s time for the jokers to tackle the worst
Of life in a land that is dying of thirst —
A sponsored blind-bike-race could rebuild a school,
It’s good to help children while playing the fool.

It’s time to make money while spreading a smile,
To clean up a shanty that’s squalid and vile,
If you can turn cartwheels or juggle with eggs
You could make a bundle for kids with no legs.

In all sorts of countries, and here where we live,
Some people need help and you’ve help you can give.
It makes you feel special, a man and a half,
And while you do good you can have a good laugh!

Author notes

I contributed £15 from these clappies in a total of £140 I raised this time, my daughter completely outshone me with around £200 from a sponsored silence. Thanks to everyone who helped, last I checked the rednose day total was around 80 million ukp.