Poetry by Jeff Green


A Folly for Holly

by cricketjeff on March 10, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Matilda the builder stood back and surveyed
The folly that Holly had wished to have made
First Dougie had dug her foundations so deep
She couldn’t get out without some sort of leap
Then Phillipa filled ’em with concrete and brick
She’d levelled and bevelled remarkably quick
Next Walter made walls to reach up to the sky
The folly for Holly would have to be high

Matilda the builder has workmen on hand
With skill and the will to do all that she’s planned
One bloke cuts some oak for the ceiling and floors
And arrow slits narrow the windows and doors
When Peter Macloufe put the roof on the top
They’re done with the fun and the whole lot can stop
That folly for Holly is finer than most
A tower of power it’s owner can boast

Author notes

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