Poetry by Jeff Green


Matilda the Builder

by cricketjeff on March 11, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Matilda the builder builds houses and sheds,
For Mabels and Willies and Fannies and Freds.
Her jobs are renowned through the town where she lives
For all of the hard work and service she gives.
She’s rebuilt the baker’s and patched up the school,
Laid soft rubber mats where the kids play the fool,
She tarmaced a car park, repointed a sty,
And put up a flagpole where flags like to fly.

Matilda the builder works six days each week,
She won’t work on Sundays, goes walking the peke,
But Monday to Friday, and Saturdays too,
She’s out doing jobs for some people like you;
Replastering cowsheds, reroofing a hall,
Or putting up nets where the children play ball.
The last time I saw her was deep in a ditch,
Improving the drains for the town’s cricket pitch.

Matilda the builder helps everyone out,
From building a bridge to degunging the grout.
No project’s too big, very few are too small,
She built Holly’s folly and Hadrian’s wall.
She isn’t the cheapest, the best never is,
She’s diligent, honest and works like a whizz.
If you’ve some construction you need to get done,
Dial M for Matilda, she’s bettered by none!