Poetry by Jeff Green


Writing the Script

by cricketjeff on March 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A sunny day of wine and friends is always part of me
    Each minute stays alive for evermore
The spills that fell to laughter and immortal scenery
    All written down so I can keep the score
You tell me that you love me and I know I’ve touched the sky
A time I can revisit as the other days go by

When dismal days have faded I can paint away the grey
    And disregard their chilling louring clouds
In dreams of you I dry my tears and let the pain decay
    But I can keep the smiles and laugh-out-louds
A single kiss can last for years a hug can mend a heart
As long as I remember we can never be apart

A trip behind a steam train or a picnic in the woods
    Are films to play on boring days at work
When life is full of troubles and too many yes-you-shoulds
    These happy snaps become a secret smirk
A love that came to nothing can be painful for a while
But always keep the whispers that were why you wore a smile

Most days must be a mixture there are rainbows in the mists
    At funerals we meet forgotten friends
Your team has won the football or a baby finds its fists
    While you still cry for unintended ends
But I won’t keep the sorrow it’s the smiles I shall recall
The little bits of lightness that illuminate us all

Tomorrow’s an adventure, it’s a book that I shall read
      Then give away or keep it on the shelf
My library keeps growing as I let each day proceed
      The poetry I’m writing for myself
And day by day and year by year my stocks of stories mount
All catalogued and indexed under “Only Good Days Count”