Poetry by Jeff Green


Watching the Past

by cricketjeff on March 12, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two children holding hands and eating sweets
Who cannot see the World that’s walking by —
They stroll alone on crowded city streets,
Through open fields beneath a cloudless sky.

A teenage boy looks lost inside a shop;
She’s buying jeans, or shoes, he doesn’t know.
She’s talking but he hears her skin-tight top
And wishes there was more of her on show.

Were we like that when we first played the game,
Unsure of rules uncertain how we’d feel?
It took me days before I asked your name;
Must finding love be painful and surreal?

I soon found out I had a lot to learn —
They kissed on screen before we had our turn!

Author notes

You Gonna Kiss Me or Not~ by Thompson Square