Poetry by Jeff Green


A Man Who’s Touched the Heavens

by cricketjeff on March 18, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Having left today’s detritus in an heap outside the door
It is time to find forever then discover something more.
When I close my eyes to kiss you you’ll be ready with a smile
And I’ll put aside the struggle for a while.

We will talk about tomorrow. when there’s nothing much to do,
And I’ll tell you how Nirvana can be part of me and you.
Would you like the take a picnic to the meadow by the stream?
Tonight we’ll be together in a dream.

Where once we knew frustration and the days grew old and slow,
We have built an exhibition of the elements we know.
The sun will shine on wavelets as they wash across the lake
And our boots will find a short cut we can take.

The World is dark and heartless but I’ve found somewhere to live,
Where there’s always happy laughter and a willingness to give.
Soon I’ll close my eyes and be there, next to you and all we are,
A man who’s touched the heavens, and his star.