Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on March 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She’s a girl who’s like the weather
Changes everything each week
First she’s tearing out her tether
Then she’s diffident and meek
But there’s always been a constant
                      in her inconsistent life
She’s a better friend than anybody’s wife

On a Monday she’s a riot
Drinking double rum and cokes
But by Thursday she must diet
To impress some hopeless blokes
But she’ll call me on her mobile
              if I need to have a chat
Or she thinks nobody loves her ’cause she’s fat

If she falls in love on Tuesday
With a Michael or a Don
When it comes to “time to choose day”
She’ll be spending time with John
Her next text may be a tearful
      he was just the man for me
But more than love she loves her liberty

When we met she was a redhead
Then a brunette now a blonde
Still a passionate come-to-bed-head
Always ready to respond
Though she’ll never be my lover
        I know everything she feels
And I love the changing faces she reveals

Author notes

I must stress here that this is NOT about anyone!!!

I heard the phrase “she changes like the weather” and I wrote that, there are a few slices of different people I know, some male some female some I still know and some I haven’t seen in years, it’s fiction guys!!!