Poetry by Jeff Green


Art in the Fast Lane

by cricketjeff on March 20, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When van Gogh whirled his brush through Starry Night
And Mona Lisa moved da Vinci’s muse
I doubt they dreamt their pictures would ignite
An artist who had only mud to use

A dirty road prepares a passing car
And in the muck he feels a work of art
I’ve rarely heard of beauty more bizarre
Than Scott Wade finds from deep within his heart

On Sundays men are seen with sponge and hose
Like peacocks who perfect majestic tails
They polish every panel till it glows
Yet here’s a man who seen where preening fails

A transitory beauty driving past
They say that modern art is moving fast!

Author notes

Inspired by Scott Wade’s mad and marvellous Dirty Car Art