Poetry by Jeff Green


Five Bloody Days

by cricketjeff on March 22, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Five bloody days of work without a point
Some half baked loon could not be arsed to care
Like lampstands with a soggy cardboard joint
Hard won results fall over everywhere

Five bloody days I tried to make ends meet
And now I find the ends weren’t on the rope
Like football fools who play on two left feet
My best attempts were left without a hope

I asked them twice, and then I asked again
Oh yes they said, they’re just the way it says
So why must I assume the mental pain
“Do it yourself”‘s a scheme that always pays

FIVE BLOODY DAYS I’ve wasted every hour
Humanity is such a pointless shower!

Author notes

You may get the idea that I’m a bit cross!