Poetry by Jeff Green


For Him

by cricketjeff on March 24, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

What can she buy for
The man she would die for
Just go out and try for
The best toys for boys

Good gadgets, bad gadgets
All kinds of mad gadgets
Best that he’s had gadgets
Toys made for boys

Books he’ll love readin’ and
Books that he’s needin’ and
Books he’ll succeed in and
More toys for boys

Poor gadgets more gadgets
What are they for gadgets
No-one is sure gadgets
All toys for boys

A tool he’s no use for
‘S a gift he’ll hang loose for
No one needs excuse for
Some more toys for boys

Then give him your kisses
The treats that he misses
He just needs his Mrs
And more toys for boys

Author notes

A friend was moaning that she didn’t know what to by for her husband’s Birthday …