Poetry by Jeff Green


Toffee Ice-Cream

by cricketjeff on March 27, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The weather’s improving, the sun’s in the sky,
Two robins are spooning, they aren’t feeling shy,
With spring all around us there’s reason to dream —
Of girls in bikinis, and toffee ice-cream.

A daffodil forest on every grass verge,
Magnolia blossom’s begun to emerge,
A kingfisher preening beside a small stream —
And I’m sitting thinking of toffee ice-cream.

For some it’s vanilla, or strawberry fool,
Perhaps raspberry ripple will prompt you to drool,
But tempting and tasty as all of these seem —
I’d much rather wait for some toffee ice-cream.

Now roll on the summer with soft-fruits to eat
And bare-legged ladies who promise a treat.
I’ll sit in the garden and try not to  scream
If nobody’s bought any toffee ice-cream!

Author notes

Actually I like most flavours