Poetry by Jeff Green


The Last Train Home

by cricketjeff on March 28, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A smattering of after-darkers,
Heading home or who knows where;
There’s two old men in threadbare Parkas,
Craggy beards and long grey hair.
A loud fat lady bubbles painting,
Cubist art and West-end shows;
Her friend just nods and looks like fainting
In dirty slacks and funny nose.
A pretty girl lies head-on-shoulder,
By a man who’s twice her size.
Another couple, both much older ,
Gazing into love struck eyes.
We stop again, a happy party,
Speaking French and much too loud —
One is tall and rather arty
His friend is short and can’t be proud!
One by one they leave the carriage,
Till there’s me and two young friends;
Ignoring me they practice marriage,
Now like the train their journey ends.

Author notes

I have some more notes to bash into this